New Oral Flea and Tick Product - Nexgard - First dose FREE

posted: by: Kira Chesbro Tags: "Clinic Specials" "News" 

There is a new Oral Flea and Tick product out there for Dogs


It is a tasty chewable for dogs over 8 weeks old that protects them from fleas and all types of ticks for 30 days! Once a flea or tick bites it starts to  die! This product seems to be working better for fleas and ticks this year so switch over from Frontline to Nexgard. We are offering first doses free to patients that have been seen by our practice in the past year (this is a prescription medication and can only be bought from a veterinarian). For more information feel free to give us a call at 607-257-8401 or send us an e-mail.